Help me find Mark Doty

This is how I envsion it would start off.  Hi Mark Doty.  This is Mark Doty.  Do you want @markdoty?

Confused?  OK, let me back up.  My name is Mark Doty…and much to my chagrin (and a google search), I am not the only Mark Doty in the world.  There are many Mark Doty’s out there.  Computer Engineer Mark Doty’s, Sales Mark Doyt’s, Marketing Mark Doty’s…Mark Doty’s for everyone.  And then of course, me Mark Doty.  But if you do a Google Search, the most popular Mark Doty is not me, but rather a famous American poet.  Here is a link to his Wikipedia entry.   It’s kind of interesting to see how many time the ‘other Mark Doty’ comes up in a Google Search.  So, he seems to be the most famous Mark Doty.  But you know one thing that he does not have?  The twitter handle @markdoty.  You know who has it?  This guy (spoiler alert – it’s me).

But, having that twitter handle means I get a lot of mentions…for the ‘other Mark Doty’ on his speaking tours, new books, etc.  Here is a sample from yesterday:



This is a sample of what I seem to get whenever Mark Doty is going out to the public.  But unfortunately, he does not receive any of these notifications…I do.  So I have decided that I would like to give my Twitter handle to him, so he may receive these in the future.  I rarely use Twitter to post…rather I use it for my source of news and information – take that Google Reader.  And I am not that into my ‘own personal brand’ to care about having my twitter handle.  So, I have tried to reach out to Mark Doty on his website, but no response.  I actually DM’d a few folks on Twitter but did not receive anything back.  So, aside from replying to everyone who is favourting or retweeting his tweets, anyone have any idea how to connect with Mark Doty?

If you find Mark Doty, can you tell him Mark Doty wants to give him @markdoty.

BTW – no charge for the handle.



What kind of banker are you?

Banking, it seems, like many things these days has multiple ways of doing what you need.  Off the top of my head, I see five types:

  1. Face to face
  2. Phone
  3. Internet site (for PC/Mac)
  4. Mobile
  5. SMS

Myself, I am a (3) and (4) mobile banker.  I do most of my bill payment, e-mail money transfers and check my balance on my phone.  For someone with two youngish kids and a rare 5 minutes to myself, this is helpful to be able to do it in the kitchen/bedroom/hockey arena/bus-stop/subway/etc (I will not comment on the bathroom).

If I want to do more research (like look at monthly statements, history, etc) I tend to use the internet site with my home computer as I like the bigger screen…and my bank mobile app does not yet have all of the same functionality.  And, I even hate to say it, but the odd time I even print out something.  Yikes!

So, what kind of banker are you?

HR (Orientation) Assistance for Social Profiles

One example that social business advocates constantly tout the power of collaboration is an ‘use case’ of knowledge sharing and team productivity.  It goes something like Mark is working on a project (let’s say it Project Clowns), he looks up the companies ‘expert profiles’ and finds Tom who has tagged himself as “clown” (Tom, come on, I am kidding) and contacts him.  Tom then points Mark in the direction of Sarrah who was the PM on a project he worked on and Sarrah shares with Mark the project plan template (on SharePoint), lessons learned (wiki) and project tasks (Activities).  And the value of expert profiles come through for Mark where he does not need to re-invent the wheel.

Great.  But that is assuming/hoping Tom has tagged himself.  Because if he did not, my search on “clowns” would show up empty.  And I see the value of being able to connect with over 15,000 employees we have (though sometime it seems like we are only a company of 100 people).  But, how do we get people to add and update tags to their profile?  Well, here are my suggestions:

Orientation/New employees: part of the welcome package should be a requirement that they go and update their profile.  Really, it would only be 10 minutes to tag yourself, add a picture, add some ‘about me’ content.  This would be a great introduction to new employees to the collaboration suite, allow them to find people similar to themselves, read blogs,  and feel part of the Sun Life community.

Yearly Review/Career Goals:  Every year employees document their goals in Workday.  How about at this time, have a requirement to update/refresh profiles based on past year work (projects, eduction, achievements, etc).  This just becomes part of the process.  And thus, at least all profiles are updated on a yearly basis.

Anyway, if we truly want to be a social business enterprise, we will need the data/participation to leverage it’s value.

No thank you (aka – Email becomes a dangerous distraction)

Bloggers note:  I am a nice guy…

Listen, we are all busy.  You’re busy.  I am busy.  Time sometimes is short.  We all need to get things done by the end of the day.  One of the things I do throughout the day is read and answer e-mails…as I am sure you do also.  So, what I have come to dislike is when I get an e-mail in my in-box, I open it and it only says those dreaded 2 words:

Thank you.

Yes, I know it is polite.  Yes, it is good to build relationships by being appreciative.  But, sometimes these e-mails start to add up.  Take a look at the following link for a great article on how  Email becomes a dangerous distraction:

Here are a few points:

“In a study last year, Dr Thomas Jackson of Loughborough University, England, found that it takes an average of 64 seconds to recover your train of thought after interruption by email ( So people who check their email every five minutes waste 81/2hours a week figuring out what they were doing moments before.”

“It had been assumed that email doesn’t cause interruptions because the recipient chooses when to check for and respond to email ( But Dr Jackson found that people tend to respond to email as it arrives, taking an average of only one minute and 44 seconds to act upon a new email notification; 70% of alerts got a reaction within six seconds. That’s faster than letting the phone ring three times.”


So, I not saying I do not be polite…but I suppose, at times, think if it is adding value to the end reader.   So, you might think I am a crusty person…no, I just am another busy person trying to maximize my time and get through the day.

So anyway, thank you for reading this blog. 😉