Help me find Mark Doty

This is how I envsion it would start off.  Hi Mark Doty.  This is Mark Doty.  Do you want @markdoty?

Confused?  OK, let me back up.  My name is Mark Doty…and much to my chagrin (and a google search), I am not the only Mark Doty in the world.  There are many Mark Doty’s out there.  Computer Engineer Mark Doty’s, Sales Mark Doyt’s, Marketing Mark Doty’s…Mark Doty’s for everyone.  And then of course, me Mark Doty.  But if you do a Google Search, the most popular Mark Doty is not me, but rather a famous American poet.  Here is a link to his Wikipedia entry.   It’s kind of interesting to see how many time the ‘other Mark Doty’ comes up in a Google Search.  So, he seems to be the most famous Mark Doty.  But you know one thing that he does not have?  The twitter handle @markdoty.  You know who has it?  This guy (spoiler alert – it’s me).

But, having that twitter handle means I get a lot of mentions…for the ‘other Mark Doty’ on his speaking tours, new books, etc.  Here is a sample from yesterday:



This is a sample of what I seem to get whenever Mark Doty is going out to the public.  But unfortunately, he does not receive any of these notifications…I do.  So I have decided that I would like to give my Twitter handle to him, so he may receive these in the future.  I rarely use Twitter to post…rather I use it for my source of news and information – take that Google Reader.  And I am not that into my ‘own personal brand’ to care about having my twitter handle.  So, I have tried to reach out to Mark Doty on his website, but no response.  I actually DM’d a few folks on Twitter but did not receive anything back.  So, aside from replying to everyone who is favourting or retweeting his tweets, anyone have any idea how to connect with Mark Doty?

If you find Mark Doty, can you tell him Mark Doty wants to give him @markdoty.

BTW – no charge for the handle.



Eluta – Scrape the intenet for new jobs

Bloggers Note:  I do not work for Eluta nor do I receive any money from them.  I just think it is a great site.

In this economic client, many talented folks are losing their jobs and looking for new opportunites.  I would like to share a great site that I share with others for finding new job postings. It is call Eluta and can be found at

Why I like it is that is ‘scrapes the internet’ for jobs found on company websites (not sites like Workopolis or Monster).  Thus, a company may adda new job to their website but not to one of the larger job sites.  Instead of having to go to each site, Eluta collects them all and puts them in one place.  Here is a description from their website:

As a vertical search engine, Eluta monitors new job announcements at tens of thousands of employers across Canada every day. Whenever an employer posts a new job on its website, Eluta adds the position to our searchable database.

Here is an example of how someone who is in the corporate training field could use it:

Go to the Eluta website

On the main page, instead of filling out the Search box, select Advanced Search:

In the Advanced Search field

  1. Select your Occupation (it also has a Quality Control occupation choice).
  2. I do not select top employer Top Employers as I do not want to restrict my search
  3. Add your city
  4. Select your Province
  5. Postal Code to start the search from your door
  6. I usually keep it within 50 km but if you don’t mind travelling further, then go right ahead.

So there you go.  You should get some results.  After that, take a look around at other Occupations or just do a plain search on all jobs.  Anyway, I hope this was helpful to anyone/everyone.