Gen Y in your workplace

There is a great guest post over on Chris Brogan’s blog by Teresa Wu in regards to Gen Y workers.  Some key points:

  • We crave personal development
  • We pursue unconventional path
  • We value company culture
  • We’re not afraid to ask
  • We embrace transparency
  • We just want to do what we love

It’s interesting to look at this from a Gen X point of view (that’s me)…or from anybody who works.  Let me add comments to a couple of the points:

We Crave Personal Development

It’s odd but many enterprise workers view personal development as something that needs to be done for your year end review.  Although we always need “worker bees”, the ‘craving’ part is missing.  But maybe to get the craving, you need the passion?

We value Company Culture

Company culture for a lot of organizations is something that is driven from the very top down.  Most people accept this…and don’t try to change it.  It seems the Gen Y’s are not afraid to change it…but the change is for productivity.   And if this cannot happen, then they take their talents elesewhere.  Beats working in a job that has lost it’s fun (or killed your spirit).

We’re not afraid to ask

If you don’t ask, they won’t know what you want.  Interesting how this can alleviate company ‘negative’ culture by getting the questions answered before they take a life of their own.

So, although this is what Gen Y want in the workplace, it would be wise for the “older” generations to leverage some of their wants for their own benefit.