Rebranding Learning – Masie’s Learning 2014

I was fortunate enough this year to attend the Elliott Masie’s Learning 2014 conference in Orlando this year (October 26-29).  Over the next few weeks, I will share some of my learnings from the sessions I attended.  Today, I am going to write about Rebranding Learning: NBCUniversal’s Talent Lab.  Below is the synopsis of the session:

Chances are your company has a brand that means something to consumers, but what about your learning programs? At NBCUniversal, our business is driven by our ability to create and
build engaging brands that resonate with viewers. We’ve applied this formula to our learning organization in order to successfully engage our target audience: our employees.

So, branding eh?  As we are all SunLifers, I think we are well versed on branding (if this is new to you, head on over to the Brand site).  But what this session was covering was the rebranding exercise they went through in their learning organization.  During their session, they discussed how they worked with a marketing and branding agency to help them navigate towards their goal.  For those of you who do marketing/branding, this might seem familiar, but this is how they worked through their branding:
First, they started off with their team name which is called Talent Lab.  This was the brand name they wanted to get out there.  From there, they wanted to determine the following:

  • Key Attributes (How people describe us, how can you describe yourself)
  • Brand Foundation (What are we known for, how do you want others to know you)

After determining the above, they do a step call design track; where every touchpoint the business has with the talent lab should match the above.
Over time they were able to determine the following for their learning area:

  • What we believe
  • What we do
  • What we offer
  • What People believe
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Position

Ultimately this led the training department to create their own Brand Book.

One thing I found interesting was that in their journey, they started to collect common language that described their area/value.  They put together a list of words that they wanted to be associated with, and ones they did not want to be associated with to help them “love the brand.”  One example is from when they were determining their logo, someone on their team said one of the designs looked industrial.  And oddly enough, industrial was one of the the words they did not want associated, and that logo was discarded based on one person saying that.  Although a small example, it showed their committment to begin “living the brand”.

One more item which I thought was great.  To go along with their brand, they had their mission statement which was the following:

Their role was not to fix broken people, rather it was to help great people get even better.

Anyway, I hope I captured some of the session for you and I will be posting more blogs on Learning 2014 sessions in the coming weeks.