HR (Orientation) Assistance for Social Profiles

One example that social business advocates constantly tout the power of collaboration is an ‘use case’ of knowledge sharing and team productivity.  It goes something like Mark is working on a project (let’s say it Project Clowns), he looks up the companies ‘expert profiles’ and finds Tom who has tagged himself as “clown” (Tom, come on, I am kidding) and contacts him.  Tom then points Mark in the direction of Sarrah who was the PM on a project he worked on and Sarrah shares with Mark the project plan template (on SharePoint), lessons learned (wiki) and project tasks (Activities).  And the value of expert profiles come through for Mark where he does not need to re-invent the wheel.

Great.  But that is assuming/hoping Tom has tagged himself.  Because if he did not, my search on “clowns” would show up empty.  And I see the value of being able to connect with over 15,000 employees we have (though sometime it seems like we are only a company of 100 people).  But, how do we get people to add and update tags to their profile?  Well, here are my suggestions:

Orientation/New employees: part of the welcome package should be a requirement that they go and update their profile.  Really, it would only be 10 minutes to tag yourself, add a picture, add some ‘about me’ content.  This would be a great introduction to new employees to the collaboration suite, allow them to find people similar to themselves, read blogs,  and feel part of the Sun Life community.

Yearly Review/Career Goals:  Every year employees document their goals in Workday.  How about at this time, have a requirement to update/refresh profiles based on past year work (projects, eduction, achievements, etc).  This just becomes part of the process.  And thus, at least all profiles are updated on a yearly basis.

Anyway, if we truly want to be a social business enterprise, we will need the data/participation to leverage it’s value.