No thank you (aka – Email becomes a dangerous distraction)

Bloggers note:  I am a nice guy…

Listen, we are all busy.  You’re busy.  I am busy.  Time sometimes is short.  We all need to get things done by the end of the day.  One of the things I do throughout the day is read and answer e-mails…as I am sure you do also.  So, what I have come to dislike is when I get an e-mail in my in-box, I open it and it only says those dreaded 2 words:

Thank you.

Yes, I know it is polite.  Yes, it is good to build relationships by being appreciative.  But, sometimes these e-mails start to add up.  Take a look at the following link for a great article on how  Email becomes a dangerous distraction:

Here are a few points:

“In a study last year, Dr Thomas Jackson of Loughborough University, England, found that it takes an average of 64 seconds to recover your train of thought after interruption by email ( So people who check their email every five minutes waste 81/2hours a week figuring out what they were doing moments before.”

“It had been assumed that email doesn’t cause interruptions because the recipient chooses when to check for and respond to email ( But Dr Jackson found that people tend to respond to email as it arrives, taking an average of only one minute and 44 seconds to act upon a new email notification; 70% of alerts got a reaction within six seconds. That’s faster than letting the phone ring three times.”


So, I not saying I do not be polite…but I suppose, at times, think if it is adding value to the end reader.   So, you might think I am a crusty person…no, I just am another busy person trying to maximize my time and get through the day.

So anyway, thank you for reading this blog. 😉


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