Suggestions for Improving Lotus Connections Communities

As a user of Lotus Connections 3.0 communities, although they have improved from 2.0, here are 5 suggestions on how to improve them:
1.    More columns (customization)
2.    Hiding “static” options
3.    More widgets
4.    Status Updates Widget
5.    Latest Activity Widget

1. More  Columns (Customization)

One problem I have with Communities is everything is crammed into the middle of the page.  But on the left hand side there is the community image /explanation, menu and tags.  On the right, Important Bookmarks and Members.   For me to get any information past the first widget, I need to scroll.  Very annoying.  Why not first of all, have multiple columns?  You can have the option of two or three columns on your home page; why not bring this functionality to communities?

2. Hiding “static” options
Well, there is some static data (such as the navigation menu, tips, and tags) that are always there.  I also want to include the Community log and overview.  Why not hide it as if I have been to the community, this information is redundant.  And, if I need to navigate at the top level, I just click on the widget title to get to my content.
So, you could take a page out of Lotus Notes sidebar and add it as a sidebar on the left.  Let’s take a look at 1 and 2 would look like:

So, now it is hidden.  And what that has done is opened up a lot of space now for community activity.  Of course, when you drill down a level; for example forums, the collapsible menu can be opened up automatically.

3. More Widgets
You’ll notice that in my static data I did not speak to the right hand information (Important Bookmarks and Members).  Although I see the value of this content, there is no choice to actually move them.  Thus, I think that important bookmarks, Members and even the above Tags should be widgets that can be added to the community if required:

4. Status Updates Widget
It would nice to a widget that allows community members activity stream added.

5. Recent  Activity Widget
When being away from a community, it would be nice to go in a see an RSS feed (in a widget) of what recent activity (discussion forum post, bookmark, etc) has happened:

Anyway, those are some of my suggestions for future releases.


One Response to Suggestions for Improving Lotus Connections Communities

  1. luis benitez says:

    Thanks for your suggestions! Will send them to the team!

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