Think: I may not want free

So, here I am checking my mail and what do I find but a flyer from the newspaper I subscribe to on the weekend (Toronto Star – local news). Seems that they are giving “selected subscribers” an extra five days at no extra charge until December 17.
Well, that would be just great if I actually wanted those extra five days.
I don’t
And I have gone through this before with them. The first time they extended it with me (I didn’t know about the offer)…and then accidently charged me. Which meant I had to take time out to call and fix the whole thing.
The second time it started I had to call to stop.
So, here were are again. If I do not want this special (which I do not), then I need to get in touch with them.
So, here are a couple of pointers:
– don’t assume everyone wants your product
– keep historical records/profiles of your customers
– don’t make me work to cancel what I do not want

One more before I go. So, to stop the paper I can e-mail them but if I want to stop ‘future promotional’ material, I need to call. Seems the process works for them and less about the customer.


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