Changing the Future: iPad Textbooks

Yes, the iPad will change the world.  The hype is over and it the world is still the same…though I believe it will change the future.  Recently I read an article stating that:

Textbook publishers have already enlisted the third-party services of developers to build adaptations of textbooks for the iPad.

I believe this will change the world in the future for the following reasons:

  1. Money: As someone who went through University and dropped a lot of cash for paper books, new iPad ebooks/ibooks will keep that much more money in student pockets.
  2. Throw away that Notebook: It would be nice (in the future) if you could add notes ‘right on your iPad book’ (ie – adding a sticky) so all of your notes are incorporated with your book
  3. Multimedia: Imagine, on page 206, when the author is talking about a theory that a YouTube video could be embedded on the page for users to view.
  4. Web: Yes, as you are reading your book, you can either surf to the web to find out more information from a hyperlink…or at least view your Twitter/Facebook/etc updates all in the same place.

So where will the biggest change be?  As more and more students graduate using the iPad, they will be bringing this into their workplace.  And thus, enterprises big and small will start integrating this into their hardware requirements (goodbye Mr Desktop and Mrs Laptop).

Hook’em when they are young.


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