What Makes Google Tick?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Google’s Jonathan Lister present at a speaking series.  His presentation was titled “Constant Dissatisfaction: Google’s Approach to Understanding New Media“. In the presentation he spoke about “What Makes Google Tick” (their DNA).  I captured his points below to share:

1. Innovation, not instant perfection
2. Focus on user and all else will follow
3. You don’t have to be at your desk to need an answer
4. A license to pursue you dreams – 20% of time
5. Data is Apolitical
6. Morph projects, don’t kill them
7. Share as much information as you can (that is a mantra)
8. Make money without being evil
9. Creativity loves constraints

The last point of “creativity loves constraints”  was an interesting one as most people assume large amount of time, people and money enable more creativity.  Whereas in Google, they give their engineers tight time lines, reasonable budgets and existing tools to solve their problems.  As anyone who has used Google (and seen Google labs), I believe that they have been quite successful.

Which of the points above resonate with you?