Where is the Mute button?


OK, so I am new to the blackberry world and am on my first Blackberry (Bold).  Nice experience so far (and I am a Mac fan) but I must say their help files are…well, horrible.  Here is an example of my latest frustration.

I have a meeting tomorrow but I will be on my way to an appointment and thus would like to put the phone on mute.  So, I need to figure out how to put the phone on mute.  No problem…I went to the phone help menu – selected Phone Basics -> Mute a call.  Sounds easy right?  Here are the instructions:

Mute a call

During a call, press the Mute key.

To turn off mute, press the Mute key again.

Well now, that was not very helpful.  How about throwing in press the Mute key by selecting the button on the top left  of the phone.  How hard would have it been to add that?  I am assuming that these are general instructions they add with all Blackberries.  But I guess that goes to show their attention to detail.

Anyway, I went online and found a Blackberry review that told me where it was….



Read Your Own Instructions

So, here is a funny little thing.  I was trying to figure out the SD Card in my Blackberry (apparently you need to have 2mm thin and long :).  Anyway, I went to Blackberry website and received this little nugget (bold text is min):

You can insert a microSD media card into your BlackBerry® device to extend the memory that is available on your device for storing media files such as songs, ring tones, videos, or pictures. For more information about inserting a media card into your device, see the printed documentation that came with your device.

Printed Documentation? Printed Documentation? Are you kidding me?  I am already on the website.  Why would they not take the information from the printed documentation and publish it?  Very frustrating.  So my question…if someone at that company read the instructions, would they agree they were helpful?