Sharepoint – an Ugly Beauty

A great tool out there for many organizations is Microsoft Sharepoint.  A great tool on so many levels such as:

  • Collaboration and Social Computing
  • Portal
  • Enterprise Search
  • ECM…

…and that is just a few of the many features.

But…out of the box…it is ugly!

And I think that it is losing customers in the long run.

In this day and age, with iTunes and google, organizations are not only looking for good collaboration software…but software that is intuitive.  Sharepoint falls short out of the box.  Although the features are strong, it does not look as “snazzy” or user friendly.  And yes, I know security and working with other enterprise applications is important, but if your users cannot figure out how to navigate/post/delete then they will not use it.

Microsoft does have Sharepoint Designer (separate) and third party organizations that can “make it user friendly”, organizations see that as one more cost and a new vendor into the equation.

And when software is competing against each other…during the finalist presentations, the organization will only see out of the box…which lacks a user friendly interface.  In my opinion, they would be better served incorporating a user friendly interface out of the box.


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