Customer Service and Social Media

A friend of mine recently asked me to send some information on links between Customer service and knowledge sharing.  So, doing a quick search of the web, I came up with the following:

1. Links to two of thef top marketing bloggers (I have filtered their results using tags to customer service and web marketing):

2.  White Papers:
Link on Mashable
Link from web strategist

3. Good books to read:

The Best Customer Service is no Customer Service

4. Social Media as Customer Service article (with stats)
I know it is the tip of the iceburg.  Anything else?


Is Barack forcing future transparency?

Interesting how different the Obama administration is already in communicating to the public.  As you may know, Obama will be broadcasting a weekly address on you tube.  There is also the white house blog,,, and  (I won’t even go into what he had before he was president).

Today, I just read about the UK government “one site superstop for citizens”: Directgov.

Is this what we will now expect for ALL governments (Canadian government..cough…cough)?  Can a new US governement be elected and not follow what the Obama administration has started?

It will be interesting to see if this continues.