Getting Started on Linked-in

A friend of mine is looking to get started on Linked-In…so instead of sending her an e-mail, I thought I would add a blog.   There are of course many great sites out there for getting started or building a strong profile, but for this post, I am going to list some things you can do to get going on Linked-In.

  1. First of all, sign up here.
  2. Update your profile.  Again, this link is good for Profiles
  3. Next step – start adding Connections (feel free to add me).  A tip here is ‘fight the urge’ to invite people who are NOT on Linked-In to join.  Personally, I hate getting those e-mails (telling me to sign-up).  Get Connections for those people already on Linked-in.  After going through your e-mail contact list, search around for others you have worked for in the past.
  4. Join some groups (a great way to start to newtork).  For example, my friend is in training so she could joing groups such as the CSTD (which is listed) or any other number of groups that relate to training.  This way you can connect with more people in your field, meet new people, see what they are up to and find out if anyone is looking for new hires/consultants.
  5. Participate in Answers.  Answers are a great way to show your expertise, meet new people and of course learn.  Search answers (on training or whatever your field you are in) and start to share your expertise.  You can read up on the Answer page on how you can become an expert.  I have also seen people start questions that they want to answer themselves.  It’s good to ask a question because then you can be the moderator.
  6. Look at other people’s profile for ideas.  Here is a good profile of someone: Sacha Chua.  She is very well know in the social media field.  If you scroll down, you can see where she is an expert.  Good profile.
  7. Start adding widgets – like books you are reading or blog (personally, I think that if you work on you own/have your own business, you should have blog.  There is good value in telling people what you know…generating discussion and a place to point your clients (instead of a static website).  And, if you blog on WordPress you can add the blog to your linked in page.

There you go.  I am sure there are many other things you can do on Linked-in so feel free to add any other point below.


One Response to Getting Started on Linked-in

  1. Sacha Chua says:

    Wow, thanks for featuring me, Mark! And you’ve also got a great story about how we connected (including sketch), of course… =) Ditto Mark Fujita.

    You folks rock. =)

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