Eluta – Scrape the intenet for new jobs

Bloggers Note:  I do not work for Eluta nor do I receive any money from them.  I just think it is a great site.

In this economic client, many talented folks are losing their jobs and looking for new opportunites.  I would like to share a great site that I share with others for finding new job postings. It is call Eluta and can be found at http://www.eluta.ca

Why I like it is that is ‘scrapes the internet’ for jobs found on company websites (not sites like Workopolis or Monster).  Thus, a company may adda new job to their website but not to one of the larger job sites.  Instead of having to go to each site, Eluta collects them all and puts them in one place.  Here is a description from their website:

As a vertical search engine, Eluta monitors new job announcements at tens of thousands of employers across Canada every day. Whenever an employer posts a new job on its website, Eluta adds the position to our searchable database.

Here is an example of how someone who is in the corporate training field could use it:

Go to the Eluta website

On the main page, instead of filling out the Search box, select Advanced Search:

In the Advanced Search field

  1. Select your Occupation (it also has a Quality Control occupation choice).
  2. I do not select top employer Top Employers as I do not want to restrict my search
  3. Add your city
  4. Select your Province
  5. Postal Code to start the search from your door
  6. I usually keep it within 50 km but if you don’t mind travelling further, then go right ahead.

So there you go.  You should get some results.  After that, take a look around at other Occupations or just do a plain search on all jobs.  Anyway, I hope this was helpful to anyone/everyone.


Getting Started on Linked-in

A friend of mine is looking to get started on Linked-In…so instead of sending her an e-mail, I thought I would add a blog.   There are of course many great sites out there for getting started or building a strong profile, but for this post, I am going to list some things you can do to get going on Linked-In.

  1. First of all, sign up here.
  2. Update your profile.  Again, this link is good for Profiles
  3. Next step – start adding Connections (feel free to add me).  A tip here is ‘fight the urge’ to invite people who are NOT on Linked-In to join.  Personally, I hate getting those e-mails (telling me to sign-up).  Get Connections for those people already on Linked-in.  After going through your e-mail contact list, search around for others you have worked for in the past.
  4. Join some groups (a great way to start to newtork).  For example, my friend is in training so she could joing groups such as the CSTD (which is listed) or any other number of groups that relate to training.  This way you can connect with more people in your field, meet new people, see what they are up to and find out if anyone is looking for new hires/consultants.
  5. Participate in Answers.  Answers are a great way to show your expertise, meet new people and of course learn.  Search answers (on training or whatever your field you are in) and start to share your expertise.  You can read up on the Answer page on how you can become an expert.  I have also seen people start questions that they want to answer themselves.  It’s good to ask a question because then you can be the moderator.
  6. Look at other people’s profile for ideas.  Here is a good profile of someone: Sacha Chua.  She is very well know in the social media field.  If you scroll down, you can see where she is an expert.  Good profile.
  7. Start adding widgets – like books you are reading or blog (personally, I think that if you work on you own/have your own business, you should have blog.  There is good value in telling people what you know…generating discussion and a place to point your clients (instead of a static website).  And, if you blog on WordPress you can add the blog to your linked in page.

There you go.  I am sure there are many other things you can do on Linked-in so feel free to add any other point below.

Idea: Corporate Widget for e-mail

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I believe that widgets for the corporation are not quite there…meaning they are nice to look at but don’t really add value to day-to-day work.  I have been giving some thought to this topic and my obsession/addiction/problem of multi-tasking triggered me into an idea.  It is all based around e-mail (as a starter) andf or those of you who (like myself) always have multiple applications open all at once.

I sometimes find that the more I have open, the slower the my applications eventually become.  Being a bit of an e-mail junkie, whenever I get a new e-mail, I open up my e-mail program.  But, depending on the temperment of my machine, this sometimes takes a while.  The problem is that it takes me out of my application I am currently working in (Word, Excel, Internet Explorer), into another one.

So, what I would like to see is the ability to add an e-mail widget to any application I have on my desktop.  So, if I am in MS Word (or any application), I would like the ability to add a widget to the toolbar

Photo from Dave Duarte via Flickr

Photo from Dave Duarte via Flickr

Thus, when I rceive a new e-mail, I can see it it the application I am working in – and I can open the e-mail message without leaving my application.

This would be helpful even to add this widget to my desktop…thus, not having to run my e-mail application when I am logged on.

Anyway, that is what I thought about over the Christmas holidays.