Posting Anonymously within the Enterprise

I was chatting with someone yesterday in regards to giving people the ability to post information in anonymously within an enterprise. I have gone from one extreme to the other on this issue. When the first communities came out, I was in favour of allowing anonymous postings for the following reasons:

  • Wanted to encourage participation for everyone (not just members)
  • If your organization does not have single sign-on (thus administrator sets up new users), a bottleneck of new requests could hinder adoption and  people up and losing their ‘current thoughts’
  • It could help those who might need some time to get comfortable with posting information publicly (anonymous at first)

But, as our community began to grow, I saw the disadvantages of this idea:

  • Not being able to connect to people
  • Accountability is weaker (which can lead to abuse)
  • Sense of community is diminished
  • Feedback/comments are not as “valued”

One of the advantages of rolling out social media in an organization is to help people connect. Anonymous postings take away this plus and in some instances, can make it a negative.


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