Principles for Enterprise Social Software Adoption

Read a great article over at about the 10 Principles for Enterprise Social Software Adoption.   Below is a summary:

Principle 1: Limit Social Software Data to Basic Security (Username/Password) Only

Principle 2: Social Software should use Authoritative Sources for relevant information.

Principle 3: Simple, Ubiquitous and Adaptable Access

Principle 4: Global Sharing (largest number of users)

Principle 5: Modular, Highly Integrated, Open Services

Principle 6: Configuration not Customization

Principle 7: Build for Rapid Growth

Principle 8: Designed for the people

Principle 9: Authority should be devolved to the lowest common denominator

Principle 10: People not Documents

It’s so interesting to see more and more articles talking about making enterprise adoption easier…rather than seeing blogs about selling social media to your executive team.  Now that it’s getting in the door, let’s see who survives and who are the causalities.


One Response to Principles for Enterprise Social Software Adoption

  1. Tim Bull says:


    Thanks for the mention. I think there are a few people out there starting to “get” that just because Web 2.0 works on the Internet, it doesn’t always suit enterprises.

    Equally the challenge for the enterprise is that social software is a different from how they’ve traditionally thought about and secured interactions and requires some flexibility on their part as well.

    It will be interesting as you say to see how this area grows.

    I should also plug Luis Benitez of who helped out with the original list and contributed a fair bit of thought as well as road testing them with other organisations (I could really only base it on where I worked).



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