Are you aware of Social Media?

Yes, maybe this is a little bit crude. But after I read it the third time, the impact of this statement really sunk in. Go ahead. Read a few more times.

I think there are a number of people in the enterprise who need to read this statement. Maybe shirts or buttons can be made so others can see.

Because really, if you don’t know what I am talking about, and you need this explained to you; at this point you are already behind…and the time it takes to explain, you will be further.

My suggestion to get up to speed? If you want t adopt 2.0, then the time to begin acting that way is NOW! Don’t make your decisions the old way (steering committee, PowerPoint presentations, etc) and open up the doors to your bottom workers. Post a blog on what people think/know of web 2.0. Let the people tell you what it is, what they need, what is the value. Because ultimately, these are the people who will not only be using it…but the people who will create, build upon and drive value from these applications.


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