Internal Corporate Blogs

I have had some people ask me about this whole blogging thing. After having explained it to a number of people I thought to myself ‘Hey Mark, why don’t you take advantage of social media and write about it in your blog so it can be shared to everyone’.  So, here it goes.  Internal blogging:

What is it: your own on-line business journal (saying blog frightens some people)
Business uses: Tool for mass messaging, project updates, sharing knowledge, communication and to enage employees in discussion through comments
Business value created: Faster information sharing, an efficient and trackable feedback system, historical data available, search capabilities, employee recognition/engagement
How to use it internally:
  • Project Updates
  • Conference Learning’s
  • Idea/Innovation Sharing
  • Announcements/FYI’s
  • Knowledge Sharing
Again I am going to refer to a great video from the website Common Craft.  It is only 3 minutes long, but it explains blogs it very well:
I have also included a great link from the folks over at Jive Software of how they use blogs internally.  A great read (they have all new employees post an introduction blog – fantastic idea).  You can find it here.


So, did I explain it well? Do you have more questions? Would you like to add to the post? Add you thoughts in the comments section below.

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