What is Social Media inside the Firewall?

Hello and welcome.  To start off, I will attempt to lay out what exactly is social media and what I mean by inside the firewall (note:  the term social media inside the firewall was coined by blogger Chris brogan and can be found here – check out his blog as it is excellent).

From Wikipedia

Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.

Primarily, social media depend on interactions between people as the discussion and integration of words build shared-meaning, using technology as a conduit.

OK, that is a start.

There is a wonderful website call Common Craft that creates short videos explaining concepts in ‘Plain English’.  Watch below:

Interesting eh?  What is really interesting is that for me to try and explain social media, I referred to another blogger, I used a quote from wikipedia and embedded a video from Common Craft.  For me, this is a great example as this shows social media is something:

  1. Everyone can view
  2. Everyone can comment on
  3. Everyone can leverage/reuse/build upon (can be restrictions)
  4. Everyone/Anyone can be recognized
  5. Everyone can benefit

Let’s chat about technology for a moment.  Social media can include the following:  blogs, wikis, forums, shared calendars, vlogs, social networking (facebook), podcasts, photo sharing, virtual worlds, etc.  These are all great tools that can accomplish my five points above.  As I continue to blog, I will talk in more detail about the technology and it’s power.

So, though short and sweet, that is social media.  Now, what about the firewall?

The firewall means social media within a corporation/organization/business.

  • Imagine if social media could be utilized within an organization.
  • Imagine a project manager could blog about their week, the fires they put out and what they learned.
  • Imagine how many people in the organization could learn from that (and not make the same mistake).
  • Imagine finding people who share similar interests…across the globe
  • Imagine being able to find internal policy/procedures quickly, connect with the publishers, and add you own knowledge for others to benefit
  • Imagine being recognized for sharing information
  • Imagine

Social media has so much potential to help organizations and people be more efficient and satisfied with their workplace.  For some, it will be a long, cautious and possibly confusing journey.  For others, it will be an awakening of the power within.   Within my blogs, I will be talking about how to start the journey, the resistance, the successes and lessons learned.  I look forward to your participation in the comments and any ideas/suggestions you may have to improve this blog.


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